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Corporal James Walker:Edit

The main playable character of Modern Combat 3 - Fallen Nation. In missions 1 and 3 he was a part of Anvil 1, He was promoted into Phantom Unit by Sgt Downs.


He first appeared in Operation Blockbuster assisting Walker in getting and out died in Thunder Hill.

Sgt DownsEdit

The Secondary protagonist. He returns from Modern Combat 2 - Black Pegasus. He is the leader of Phantom unit.

He got promoted due to his outstanding efforts (Providing location of Pablo), from Pvt. to Sgt.

He promoted Walker to join Phantom Unit.

W01 AndersonEdit

Returning from Modern Combat 2 - Black Pegasus this time as a NPC instead of a playable character. He was also a part of Razor Squad under command by Starks He is saved by Downs and Walker.

He got promoted due to his outstanding efforts (killing Pablo), from Sgt. to W01

CW3 Starks

Returning from Modern Combat 2- Black Pegasus this time is also NPC. He is saved by Downs and Walker. His role in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation in far much smaller than in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus


The Russian enemy in the KPR Forces and the main antagonist of Modern Combat 3 - Fallen nation. He is last enemy to kill from the last mission (Countdown map) and is returning from Modern Combat 2 - Black Pegasus.

Got killed by Corporal James Walker in Mission 13 : Martydom.

General Tong

The N. Korean enemy in the KPR Forces.

Got kicked out of the window by Corporal James Walker.

Edward Page

Edward Page betrayed the United States Special Forces after being captured by Al-Akrab Terrorists, he assisted the KPR in attacks against Phantom Unit.

MSgt. Carter

Fireman in AC-130 team & Black hawk team. He was the only one who survived the helicopter crash on Mission 9 : Raging Bird.

Pvt. Kelly

Died in Mission 1 : Operation Blockbuster. He was boarding a helicopter when a missile hit the helicopter and Kelly died during the blast.

Pvt. Colt

Died during Mission : 1 Operation Blockbuster. He boarded a helicopter while the same missile that hit the helicopter when Pvt. Kelly died and Pvt. Colt and the pilot died during the crash.