• MC3 Name: OPS55
  • Real Name: UMP-40
  • Category: Sub machine gun


  • Standard: 30-round magazine
  • Upgraded: 45-Round Magazine


  • Sights: Iron, Red Dot, Holographic, ACOG Scope, Thermal
  • Misc: Extended Mag, FMJ Bullet, Stock, Silencer, Flash Suppressor

  • Damage Rating: 5/10 (2-3-5 Hit Kill Point Blank) (legs -body - head)
  • Accuracy Rating: 6/10
  • Fire-rate Rating: 7/10 (700 RPM)
  • Mobility Rating: 5/10
  • Range Rating: 3/10


The OPS55 one of the 3 submachine guns in the game. Its real name is the UMP40. It is made by the German gun company "Heckler & Koch". It has low recoil and decent power which makes it a great weapon. It has a built in grip which lowers the recoil, increases mobility and accuracy.The weapon is used in campaign mode by KPR Troops.


The OPS55 is best submachine gun damage wise. It is unlocked at rank 24 and is the second submachine gun unlocked. It cost 12,000 to obtain the gun and is able to have every attachment (except for the grip which is replaced by the stock.) The gun has high damage, accuracy, mobility and fire rate which makes it good for rushing enemies in multiplayer. It also has a decent reload time and a good magazine size. This weapon makes a good close to medium range weapon.