General Popovich was one of the orchestrators of the KPR invasion of America and the main Antagonist of Modern Combat 3. He is first seen early in the campaign, where he is mentioned in a cutscene. His first actual appearance is in the mission before the last, where he captures the player and Sergeant Downs. He appears in the final mission, as the player and Downs chase him before a nuke goes off. He is killed by Corporal James Walker, who snuck up and engaged in a fist fight with him before he could beat Downs to death. He is impaled on a rod and stabbed in the neck by Walker.


  • Popovich is the one who captured Downs and Newman in Modern Combat 2, and for this reason Downs holds a serious grudge against him (understandably).
  • Popovich looks alot different in his MC3 incarceration, looking older and simultanesouly smarter dressed than his militairy styled look of MC2.
  • Popovich seems to acknowledge who Downs is during the final chase scene, implying he remembers who he is.
  • Popovichs death shares some similarities to General Sheperd's death in Modern Warfare 2. Sheperd had a knife thrown at him by 'Soap' Mactavish before he could beat Captain Price to death and Popovich was stabbed in the neck by a knife before he could beat Downs to death.