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(From Touchaholics)
• An intense 13-missions campaign with impressive cinematics and memorable moments.
• A frantic multiplayer with 12 players, 6 maps and 6 different modes.
• An addictive ranking system with more than 90 experience ranks.
• High-tech modern weaponry with modifications and attachments.
• Next-gen high quality visuals that will compete with the RAGE and UNREAL engines.


IGN: "The gunplay in Modern Combat 3 feels fast and fluid. Gamers move their character via a left virtual thumbstick, and aim with a right virtual thumbstick. Firing, lobbing grenades, sprinting, crouching, and aiming down your weapon's sights each have their own virtual buttons... The sprint button is new to Modern Combat 3, and gives gamers a means of quickly escaping behind cover if they take too much damage. Radar has also been added to the Modern Combat HUD for the first time."

Touchgen: "I believe I heard Chicago mentioned in the cutscene, and to my surprise the game does a great job at presenting the scale of such a city, with tons of detail in both geometry and texture... This is not, I repeat NOT running on the Unreal engine. It’s a testament to Gameloft’s own engine development that they are able to pull off increasingly better looking games by pushing and developing their engine further... Alas, we were not shown any of the multiplayer, but have been told that it will feature even more frantic bouts thanks to up to 12 players being able to mix it up at the same time."