"Private First Class Bailey"(PFC Bailey) was an American Soldier who was part of Anvil 1. He made his only appearance in Operation Blockbuster where he is seen with his partner,Pvt Malone tasking heavy fire from KPR soldiers.He and Malone are then backed up by Captain Turner and Corporal James Walker.They all head into the theater which when Turner opens the door to where the extraction zone is,Malone is killed upon the open of the door.


"Targeting enemy HELO-" -Bailey's final words.

After a KPR Attack Helicopter comes in and destroys the turret Walker was using,he arms himself with a Rampage-4 and tries to fire it at the helicopter only to get beaten up and stopped by a KPR Soldier. Before he can recover,the KPR trooper picked up a concrete block and smacked it into the neck of Bailey killing him.


  • Once you kill the KPR Soldier that killed Bailey,You will earn an achievement.