Private First Class Mendoza(Pfc Mendoza)was one of Anvil 1's Troops and First appears in Operation:Blockbuster near a slanting Building injured.

Operation BlockbusterEdit


-PFC Mendoza during Operation Blockbuster.

PFC Mendoza,one of Anvil 1's troopers,were deployed to Los Angeles to secure intel in the NSA building about other American targets.He was injured by KPR mercs and was protected by Pvt Torres until Captain Turner and Corporal James Walker backed Torres up and took out the remaining Hostiles.


PFC Mendoza was hard to see as he was highlighted from the AC-130 Gunship.Mendoza with other soldiers planted C4 Explosives on bridges preventing KPR Forces from entering the city.

Thunder HillEdit

    "Hijo de Puta,their shelling us!!"

-PFC Mendoza during the Thunder Hill.

PFC Mendoza was part of Turner's team to take out AA Batteries and retake a radio station in Mount Lee,Hollywood.Upon the last stage against KPR mercs,Turner is killed and he and Walker are forced to resist while Anvil 1 reinforcements come in.