Razor Squad is a Special Ops team that has appeard In Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus and made a return in MC3.In in a briefing mission for Mission 4,it shows intel of Razor Squad last appearing in a small town in Alaska while doing stealth operations.


  • Leader:CW1 Stark(Badly Injured)
  • Second in Command:WO1 Anderson(Promoted from Sgt to Warrent Officer 1)
  • Right-hand Man of Anderson:Sgt Rollins(Killed by a grenade)
  • Reg.Trooper:Sgt McCarthy(Killed by KPR forces as his corpse was found in a windmill.)


  • It is possible that McCarthy was the killed Razor Squad member in the windmill as Rollins was killed and Stark and Anderson were the ones left.
  • Stark was "fudged up" like he said possibly meaning he was shot somewhere in his body.
  • Anderson joined Phantom Unit after he and Stark was rescued by Downs and Walker.