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New Skill: Privilege

MC3 Update Is Here!!

So most of you will have been waiting very dearly for this update, I sure know I have. Now for this update you will need 2.5gb of space available on your ios device. You can either choose to play mc3 with or without the update, but people with the update are separated from people without, people with the update will appear under friends list as "Playing Modern Combat 3 - Update."

Whats in the update?

  • Double XP !!!
  • Ops and Acm are now weaker, less overpowered
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    New Equipment: Stabilizer

  • Two new perks
    • Privilege: Get health and speed bonuses for 10 seconds after respawn
    • Allows you to move faster while in ironsight. Expert states "allows you to move even faster"'
  • Searching for a match now refreshes more slowley
  • Joining friends is now fully functional
  • Suppressor and flash hider now do what they are supposed to do
  • Icon is brighter
  • Hacking has been patched!!
  • Fixed the "invisible trigger" glitch for c4
  • Xp loss has been fixed
  • iron sights are more accurate and its faster to aim down them
  • Faster sensitivity is available
  • Military support now has to "cool down" before you can use another
  • Airstrikes are alot more acurate
  • Recoil has been rebalanced
  • Teleporting respawn issues have been fixed
  • Offline stats appear correctly
  • Bug when attempting to join a full game has been fixed
  • Limit to 1 throwing knife per 30 seconds, using another throwing knife when u are supposed to wait 30seconds casuses you to be kicked from he game.

Overall its a very good update (apart from the ops and acm rebalance).